After 2 years of trying various expensive, ineffective treatments for our son (Casey), in a desperate hope of finding our piece to the Autism puzzle, we were finally referred to Dr. Harry Schneider by our neurologist who raved about his innovative techniques and research.  While our sole objective was to find someone to give voice to our non-verbal son with Autism, we ultimately got that and so much more.  

First, Dr. Schneider reviewed our plan of gluten-free/Casein-free diets, chelation therapies, vitamin supplements, etc. and summarily dismissed nearly all as unnecessary to Casey's treatment.  For the first time, we had a medical professional take the time to help us navigate through the quagmire of misinformation and purported miracle cures collected from Internet articles, testimonials, and so-called therapists and help us develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addressed Casey's individual medical, psychological, and emotional needs.  We felt clarity for the first time since our developmental doctor diagnosed our son with Autism and coldly handed us a pamphlet and empty well wishes, claiming that there was nothing more she could do for him.      

"Dr. Harry", as we came to call him, reshaped our relationship with our child as well.  Though Casey didn't speak, Harry revealed to us how he was already constantly communicating with us.  Ashamedly, we were deaf to it because we were crippled by his diagnosis.  After several doctors and so-called experts telling us what he couldn't do, we just stopped believing in what he could do.  Dr. Harry showed us how to talk to our son more effectively and understand him.  It seems silly to say now, but we forgot to just treat him like every other child:  playing with him, setting rules/expectations, praising and disciplining where appropriate, and just loving him.  We also saw how he was suffering from an untreated depression and deep anger likely stemming from his frustrations of living with Autism.  Casey got the medications he needed to treat those issues and became much more amiable, engaging, and happy.

As we reflect on that first week of our time with Dr. Harry, we recall how our son began to follow multiple step directions, speak simple one-syllable words, and even started to potty train!  Most importantly, we finally connected with him at a more intimate level because we were now talking his language and listening.  We still see Dr. Schneider as often as we can and our son is so much further along to recovery.  We're constantly tweaking our treatment plan with Dr. Harry’s help and while Casey will always have Autism and may never be fully self-sufficient, we've learned to hope and take comfort in that he can now have relationships with others and laugh and play.  What else can parents hope for?     

  • Wayne and Melissa 


“From the innovative halls of science to the down-home approach of rolling on the floor with your kids, Dr. Harry Schneider makes the quest for language restoration fun with a flair!  Using the avant-garde intervention of transcranial direct current stimulation combined with time-tested elements like music, Harry Schneider optimistically addresses one of parents' greatest hopes for their children -- the restoration of verbalization, with an 85% success rate, while addressing behaviors, reading, writing, and seizures along the way.”

Teri Arranga
Director, Autism One
Editor, The Autism File 



I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Debra for what you have done for our family. I am a director of a nonprofit that helps families of children with different abilities and I still found myself in a place, after countless IEP meetings and traveling nationally for all the "experts," of wondering what to do next for Sophie. I was feeling as though I was losing hope.

Sophie has always been considered challenging by her therapists and teachers as she has "scattered skills", not the "norm" in her challenges, and no one really understands her potential. I sadly started to doubt myself. However, not only did you provide us with direct results, but your advice, techniques to try, and "homework" helped us take her to the next level.

I also have never known another health professional that is as quick to answer any questions, or just wants to hear updates on Sophie between treatments. Here I was in the "pull-up" aisle in our local grocery when you called me back and supported me through one of the toughest decisions we have had to make to date..... Whether or not, to homeschool. Debra has also been there, giving me advice and tips in a pinch. 

I cannot thank you two enough and I am happy the other families I have sent to you, are now seeing wonderful results as well.

My best always,
Sophie's Mom aka. Holly



As background, Leah was born in 2009 and spent the first two years of her life almost motionless, suffering chronic, severe choking spells on an almost daily basis. Over the next two years, her physicians diagnosed her condition as Global Developmental Delay and counseled us that she would never walk, communicate, feed or care for herself. We were eventually referred to Dr. Schneider by a local neurologist who encouraged us to embrace alternative approaches to Leah’s treatment including treatment by a local Chiropractic Neurologist (Dr. Pustaver) who was successful in eliminating Leah’s choking episodes.

Leah’s journey with Dr. Schneider began with her first treatments in March 2013. Since entering treatment with Dr. Schneider, Leah’s progress has amazed our family and friends as well as her pediatrician, neurologists, orthopedist, therapists, and now her schoolteachers. Leah has been placed in the school system and attends school daily. Although Leah still doesn’t talk per se, new and intelligible speech patterns are emerging weekly.  Leah is now remarkably mobile; walking with a somewhat stilted gait and displaying very encouraging signs of intellectual development at many levels. Amazingly, although five years old, she is beginning to display the behaviors and emotions generally associated with the “Terrible Two’s”.

We attribute a significant part of Leah’s progress in the past 18 months to Dr. Schneider and his wife Deborah. They have spent countless hours with Leah and members of our family delivering Leah’s treatments and educating us. Leah’s journey has been an emotionally charged and powerfully rewarding experience for all of us. Through the past 18 months of that journey, Dr. Schneider and Deborah have been with us, providing endless encouragement, critical information on Leah’s development and common sense suggestions for helping Leah reach her potential.

Seeing the smile on Leah’s face when she visits Dr. Schneider and Deborah is a reminder to us that despite her problems, Leah understands and appreciates the treatment she is receiving. Dr. Schneider and Deborah are quite simply the anchors in Leah’s treatment regimen. Leah has truly been blessed by Dr. Schneider’s experience, skill, knowledge, love, and understanding. We encourage others with special needs children to seek his counsel.

Martha J.
Kannapolis, NC  



Dr. Schneider has helped me to speak a little better than I had before. I can now speak clearer & in sentences. I belong to a Stroke Club & the other members say that I have definitely improved. When I joined the club I was unable to speak at all. One of the other members of the Stroke Club was so impressed with my improvement that he is now going to Dr. Schneider for treatment.




Dr. Schneider reminds me of an old-fashioned doctor. He actually sits & listens to what you have to say, instead of being on the computer. He is very down to earth, intelligent, he makes suggestions, is caring & I feel the treatment is helping my husband. Everyone says my husband's speech has improved. He is less frustrated when he can't find the words he wants.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Schneider & his treatment.




During the initial visit with Doctor Harry, he was able to pinpoint the areas of language that had been affected by my wife's stroke. Within a very short time and in a very calming and open dialog with Vicky, he was able to draw out sentences that I had not heard her speak in nearly 5 years. Up until this time she was only able to repeat phrases which speech therapists had prepared and she repeated numerous times as part of her "therapy". These phrases started to become automatic and were triggered whenever one or two of the words were familiar in a response to the conversation. After therapy with Dr. Harry, she now has a much better command of normal free speech responses than before. Dr. Harry has done for Vicky's speech in 5 minutes, more than speech therapists had done in 5 years.




Dr. Harry has brought out my mother's own words, in a way that neither we nor her speech therapists could. My mother has seen so many speech therapists for aphasia treatment, ever since her stroke five years ago. The therapists focused primarily on drills and artificial exercises. Dr. Harry, on the other hand, gently questions and prods my mother to tell her own stories, in her own time. When she gets nervous, and the words don't come, he helps her to move past these roadblocks and find another way.

I am so proud of my mother's progress with Dr. Harry. Both Debra and Dr. Harry have been kind and compassionate. They are thorough, and they take the time to answer all of our questions. I highly recommend calling Dr. Harry to see how he might help you.