Most people will agree that prevention, in medicine as in anything else, is better than cure - but what is prevention? What kinds of things can be done about it and what kind of people can undertake it?

if you ask healthy people what they want most, you will get as many answers as there are people.

Ask a person when he or she is ill or has an inkling of premature death and you will get the truth. that person wants more than anything else to be healthy.

This leads to the question: what is health? In spite of the World Health Organization's definition, to most people health is the absence of disease.

The real aim of preventive medicine is to achieve this absence of disease. the world runs on healthy people, yet healthy people are not always health conscious or aware of their need to be free of disease. it is difficult for the majority to realize the value of preventive medicine.

I have made this a specialty so we can all learn and say “ we have an absence of disease”. if we do get sick, we’ll make it better, faster.