Harry D. Schneider, M.D.
Visiting Associate Research Scientist
Columbia University Medical Center
Yale University Medical Center

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Alternative or
Conventional Medicine?

Both alternative and conventional philosophies of medicine come complete with their lists of pros and cons: there are both good and bad aspects to both.   A patient’s choice of direction should be determined by his/her individual history, current medical condition, and personal beliefs about medical therapy.  Dr. Schneider will take into serious account these beliefs about choice of treatment, all the while sharing his recommendations about the relevance of eastern and western philosophies to your case.  You and Dr. Schneider will  make the choice that  provides the most favorable outcome. Once again Dr. Schneider will ask something of you during all these discussions: to keep an open mind about all the things you have seen and read in the medical arena and to ask any and all questions. Candid discussions about serious topics are the mainstay of his practice, because arriving at the correct medical treatment is  serious business and can be confusing to all concerned.


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