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"My son is smiling and communicating with us now!"




The application of novel brain stimulation techniques to treat depression, and possibly other neuropsychiatric disorders, is a new and rapidly growing field. Among these techniques, transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is emerging as one of the most promising approaches because of its relative ease of use, safety, and neurobiological effects.

Aphasia and Stroke Rehabilitation

Aphasia not only causes great stress and suffering to patients and caregivers but also adds a substantial economic burden to society in part because of the chronic nature of current therapies. New methods are being researched that would help stroke patients regain some lost speech even after conventional speech therapies have been given.


Parents of children with autism often suspect a problem with their child as early as 18 months, sometimes sooner.  We suggest that those parents who do suspect a problem go with their gut feeling, no matter what a doctor may initially say. Language and hearing concerns are the most commonly the usual first signs.