Schneider4607After graduating from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons I spent many years practicing medicine. But I was a linguist before that and I never lost my passion for language research.  I decided to combine my passion for medicine and linguistics. To do this I began brain research using functional neuroimaging at Columbia’s Program for Imaging and Cognitive Science and have continued my research at Yale’s Brain Function Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry and NeuroBiology. I continue to research the amazing brain to find answers about the how the brain controls how we use language and what we might do to restore it for those who have lost it.

I researched the brain using functional MRI at Columbia University and now using functional NIRS at Yale –Using these imaging methods, I have been investigated neurotypical as well as pathological language circuits in the brain. I have been investigating brain areas and neural connections in stroke patients and children with developmental delays: the brain damage that causes aphasia and the brain damage that causes autism. These brain imaging methods are the diagnostic arms of our research. The treatment arms of our research employ transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) combined with specially-developed psycholinguistic interventions. After years of hard work, I have successfully restored language function to patients frustrated by their own silence.

It is our mission to bring scientific research out of the lab, into our offices, and back to your home. We welcome you to join us at one of our national or global offices where you and I will approach important issues as a team and plan how best to utilize these cutting-edge therapies.

I am an experienced diagnostician; I figure things out. But I encourage families to learn as much as I do and to ask questions. I will try to be a guide in helping your family choose the best treatment approach. Working together we promote self-esteem and increase will power. Remember that everything is a team effort.


“During a consultation with Dr. Schneider,
 you can expect to be heard!”  -Holly R.